Who We Are

About us

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) is a statutory Authority, under the Ministry of Railways, set-up by an amendment to the Railways Act, 1989, for the development of vacant Railway Land for commercial use for the purpose of generating revenue by non-tariff measures. RLDA has since been constituted in terms of Extraordinary Gazette Notification dated 31.10.2006, as amended on 5.1.2007. The Rules for functioning of RLDA have also been notified in the Extraordinary Gazette dated 4.1.2007. Indian Railways (IR) has approximately 43,000 hectares of vacant land. Land which is not required for operational purposes in the foreseeable future would be identified by the zonal railways and the details thereof would be advised to Railway Board. Such plots of land would thereafter be entrusted to RLDA by Railway Board in phases for commercial development.

Our Story

RLDA, since its inception in 2007 has been making great efforts to boost the railway infrastructure and creation of New Railway Assets in India. It has continuously been expanding the coverage of railway land for commercial/residential, colony, station and multi-functional complexes development/redevelopment.

RLDA has broken all previous records of earnings as well as those of awarding of lease contracts in 2019-20. It has awarded tenders for a long lease of land parcels worth Rs 1550 crores during the year which is its highest ever performance so far. The total earnings of RLDA during the year 2019-20 has been Rs 931 Crores as against Rs 31 Crores, 18 Crores, 43 Crores and 83 Crores in the previous four years.

Commercial / Residential Sites

RLDA has been entrusted 125 Greenfield Land Parcels by MoR for Commercial Development having an approx. area 253 hectares. with a total revenue potential of about Rs. 8500 Crores. Out of these 26 sites having revenue potential of 1989 Crores have already been awarded and developers have been fixed. The biggest greenfield plot which has been awarded is of Ashok Vihar, New Delhi having lease premium of 1359 Crores for residential development with a lease period of 99 years.  These greenfield plots are offered on Upfront Lease Premium model with open and transparent e-bidding system.

Re-Development of Railway Colonies

A total of 84 Railway Colonies having approx. 25000 Staff Quarters re-development have been entrusted to RLDA by MoR by efficient utilization of permissible FAR. Part of the colony/land/BUA is leased out through open and transparent e-bidding system to developers to generate revenue for colony re-development. Areas for Railway Colony re-development and area for developer is properly demarcated before handing over to developer. Also, re-development work is taken-up in phases for least disturbance to occupants during construction. Out of 84 Railway Colonies, developer for four railway Colonies have already been fixed and bids for many other Railway Colonies involving re-construction have already been invited.

Re-development of Railway Stations

A total of 113 Railway Stations PAN India are being re-developed by RLDA in collaboration with Zonal Railway  on PPP/EPC Model, in synergy with Smart City Projects launched by the Government of India. The entire cost of re-development will be met by leveraging commercial development of spare railway land/airspace in and around the station. Major Station Development works for which RFQ has already been finalized i.e. New Delhi,Tirupati, Dehradun, Puducherry, Ernakulam and Nellore. New Delhi Railway Station is the flagship project of RLDA which is first project as per National TOD Policy, Total Station Project is Spread in 88 hectares of land and will provide elevated road network to de-congest Connaught Place. This project will quick start most modern development in 800 meters radius all round and will be completed in 4 years with a concessionaire lease period of 30 years . It will provide total integration of DMRC corridor, Airport express line and Connaught Place.

Multi-Functional Complex (MFC) Sites

RLDA has been entrusted with 123 MFCs for development to private developers. Out of these 58 MFCs have already been awarded and bids for balance MFCs are in pipeline. MFCs are small complexes in the circulating area of Stations designed for providing multiple rail user facilities i.e. variety shops, food stalls, restaurants, book stalls, ATMs, Medical Stores, Budget Hotels etc. without any investment by Railways. A total of 16 MFCs have been commissioned. The Developers selected through Upfront Lease Premium model by open and transparent - bidding process. For development of MFCs approval of local bodies is not required.

Other Assignments

  •      Four UNESCO certified Mountain Railways identified:
    • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway  - (87 Kms length /130 acres Land)
    •  Nilgiri Mountain Railway           - (46 Kms length/669 acres Land)
    • Kalka-Shimla Railway               - (97 Kms Length/362 acres Land)
    • Matheran Light Railway      - (20 Kms Length/227 acres Land) 
  •          18 Railway Stadium feasibility studies
  •          Mathura-Vrindavan Mass TransitSystem
  •          K-Rideland parcel for Monetisation in Bangalore

Advantages to Railways

  • Additional generation of revenues to Railways.
  • 100% earnings generated is profit as no cost incurred by Railways.
  • 100% earning credited to Railways.
  • Major initiative for Infrastructure Development for Railways in the form of Stations Developments/Railway Colony Re-Development in the form of Elegantly Built-up Railway Colonies.
  • Asset Formation for Railways in Collaboration with Developers for Re-Development Railway Colonies and Modified Railway Stations.
  • Better & Proper Utilization of Land.
  • Better facilities provided for Railway Passengers.

Advantages to Developers

  • Requirement of Low initial Capital Investment in Land.
  • Ease of doing Business because of total Handholding support provided by RLDA.
  • Flexible Mechanism of Payment of Lease Premium i.e Developer can pay in Lump Sum without any interest or in installments and/or can adopt Escrow Mechanism.
  • Developer enjoys Clear & Undisputed Title of Land with Railways.
  • Lands are available in Prime, Central and Posh Locations of Cities.
  • Only Encroachment Free Land offered for Monetization/Leasing.